Individual development of external and internal styling / tuning elements

Any body kit, even a small-scale one, distinguishes a car from a number of conveyor brothers. And what to say about the manufacture of body kits to order. A car with an exclusive body kit can go down in history and surprise more than one generation of aftermarket fans.

We bring to your attention one of the services we offer - design and manufacture of an individual body kit to order, elements of the car exterior and interior made of carbon fiber and fiberglass. We offer the production of aerodynamic parts from decorative standpoint, improving the appearance of the car, to a purely technical purpose, which maximizes the technical characteristics. Also, we can combine decorative and technical solutions in the manufacture of a body kit or parts, thereby obtaining a beautiful appearance and improving aerodynamic performance.

Our company has a wealth of accumulated experience, due to the custom-made body kits and parts made of carbon and fiberglass, which allow you to change the appearance of the car from insignificant, adding a few new lines to the bumper, giving more style or replacing the bumper cover, to a radical change in appearance, which is not immediately recognized even by experts. The production of a body kit according to an individual project allows you to achieve maximum compliance of the final product with the requirements of the customer, the design features and nuances of the car, which gives an excellent appearance, the absence of gaps and inconsistencies in parts.

The core ethos of KarboniZation when it comes to body kit is beauty, and beauty comes from style and quality. We work with a range of designers who will create an exclusive and stylish design project for your car, from making it more sporty to creating the look of a concept car. We will also be happy to work with your sketches or photographs of the desired body kit and embody them as accurately as possible.

When designing and manufacturing an aerodynamic body kit to order, all the aerodynamic properties of the car are taken into account and all options for improving aerodynamics are calculated, which ultimately improves the stability of the car on the road.

When manufacturing the body kit, at the stage of prototyping parts, we take into account all the features of the car and integrate new elements for a better visual response. All lines are carefully drawn and joints are set. At this stage, you will be able to see the future appearance of your car. At the same stage, aerodynamics are checked and, if necessary, the design is adjusted.

At the design stage, in the manufacture of the body kit, all technologies are carefully taken into account, allowing you to make the perfect part that fits perfectly into place.

KarboniZation employs professional craftsmen, advanced equipment, high-quality raw materials and highly efficient unique technologies, thanks to which we have achieved high quality in products. We can set any strength or achieve a low weight of the part, which allows you to make a body kit for your lifestyle.

Individual development of plastic products

KarboniZation produces bespoke plastic products that meet all customer requirements and quality standards. In the manufacture, we use only the most modern equipment and advanced technologies, including injection molding.

Our company manufactures custom-made plastic products; only the most modern and advanced technologies are used in the production of plastic products. For high-precision and high-quality production, casting in special molds is used. Such blanks allow us to create almost any item in our production. In the manufacture of plastic products with this method, you can achieve great variations and a variety of shapes, as well as complex designs. In addition, this technology makes it possible to significantly reduce production time and save customers money.

The company always strictly complies with the terms of the contract and even periodically checks its products for defects or minor damage. We sell plastic products in bulk throughout Kazakhstan, as well as in the territory of the CIS countries.

Plastic molding to order (Private Label)

KarboniZation offers a wide range of services for the production of products from polymer materials using injection molding technology. We have experience in working with any kind of polymers to obtain products with desired characteristics.

Mold Making

Molds of any degree of complexity. Own design office and tool production.

Some plastic items, such as bottles, slates, dishes, household items, etc., are produced on an industrial scale using special equipment by extrusion or injection molding. Injection molding requires a special mold. In this way, it is possible to produce products in the millions at a low cost.

To make an item by injection molding, the plastic is first melted and then poured into injection molds. Under high pressure, the part is formed, cooled and taken out.

The production of molds for each material has its own characteristics. On molds, it is possible to use materials such as polyurethane foam, polymers, metal, rubber, etc.

To order the manufacture of a mold, first of all, you need to provide us with a technical task. In addition to the material of manufacture, it is necessary to take into account the shape and quantity of the necessary products.