KarboniZation is an international company specializing in the development and production of aftermarket car components with its own unique design. The company was founded in 2021, in the city of Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main direction of the company's work is the development of a unique design for luxury cars - aerodynamic elements and independent production of products from carbon, Kevlar, fiberglass and plastic using the most modern technologies. In combination with different finishes on the parts, this makes it possible to assemble your own unique configuration. In our assortment you can find elements from OEM design to unique in-house developments.

KarboniZation is focused on the luxury segment of the automotive market - this means an impeccable level in both design and production technologies. It is possible to maintain such a high bar thanks to the coordinated work of the best professionals in their fields. Our company always strives to use only the most advanced technologies and processes for the development of future projects and their mass production. Our products go through all stages of development, as car manufacturers do: scanning, computer modeling, aerodynamics calculation in special analytical programs, creation of tooling for serial production. The vast majority of our products are made from carbon fiber by infusion (vacuum forming) - this allows us to achieve the perfect shape, flexibility and strength, low weight parts. But we also work with prepreg, everything is actually individual and the physical mechanics of the future part is always put in the corner, in order to understand how the part will be manufactured. The technology has been perfected - each new element is installed in place of a standard factory element in the same mounting points, the installation process is very simple, fast and reliable. The company gives a guarantee for all products.

A new direction for the company is interior decor elements and tableware.